In 1988 Belinda Bain founded her first company, California Hazardous Services Inc in Orange County, CA. She and her husband Ron have successfully performed services in the fuel industry with contracts from both government and private agencies for nearly 3 decades.

By the early 2000’s, Belinda realized the excavation industry was in need of a change. Excavation with a backhoe was no longer allowed at certain facilities. Hydro-excavating was new to the industry. The tools available were not able to perform adequately on large scale jobs ie: line locating, trenching out lines, potholing and basin cleaning. Belinda began working on a tool that would change the industry’s methodology as a whole.   In 2001, The Soil Surgeon was born.

Soil Surgeon offers two models, the X1 and X2. Each model is compatible with all sewer combination trucks that are equipped with a telescopic boom. They both can both excavate up to 10 feet in a few short minutes- a mere fraction of the time it takes other excavation tools. For more information, view the models here.