Why Soil Surgeon?

-We pride ourselves on creating the most powerful hydro excavating tool that is faster, safer, and environmentally friendly and the most effective storm drain cleaning tool on the market.

Our Patented Technology

The Patented Features

The fabricated tips found on the X1 faces inward to cut the soil as well as outward to assist in getting the tube down.

The fabricated tips on the X2 face upward, outward and downward to clean storm drain and the filters that are within.

The bumpers can also be found on both models. They are fabricated to the water ring to protect both the tips and the lines you are locating.

The X1 is equipped with handles that help to trench by merely guiding The Soil Surgeon back and forth.

The X2 is equipped with handles that allow you to easily move the tube up and down in the storm drain.

Our patented products make hydro excavating and storm drain clean outs easier for your workers while also consuming less time on the job than the old method of using a water wand.